Honoring the Past - Shaping the Future

PSK Group encompasses PSK Building Solutions, PSK Capital, multiple trading companies, filling stations, and more. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we drive progress and build a stronger future across diverse industries. Join us in our journey of growth and success.

Honoring the Past
Shaping the Future
The PSK Group, established by Mr. Pulluri Srikanth in 2007, has a proud history of growth and success in the construction sector. Starting with a strong foundation in cement and steel distribution, we quickly became key suppliers for renowned brands such as Ultratech and TATA. Our long-standing relationships with top builders and RMC producers are a testament to our reliability and quality. As we honor our rich past, we are equally dedicated to shaping a bright future. By embracing new technologies and expanding our services, we continue to meet the evolving needs of our clients and industry.
Foundations of Trust
Horizons of Innovation
From our early days in construction-related activities, we expanded into the distribution of cement and steel, becoming vital partners for Ultratech cement and TATA steel. Our commitment to maintaining strong, healthy relationships with housing developers and RMC producers has been key to our success. Looking ahead, we are focused on exploring new horizons and driving innovation, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of the industry and continue to deliver exceptional service and products to our clients.
Rooted in Excellence
Driven by Innovation
Initially focusing on construction-related activities, the company rapidly expanded into the distribution of cement and steel through Sri Radha Krishna Traders. As a premier supplier of Ultratech cement and TATA steel, PSK has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality products. Our relentless pursuit of innovation has allowed us to serve a diverse clientele, including RMC manufacturers and prominent architects, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry.
Established on Integrity
Leading with Vision
Initially engaged in construction activities, we soon ventured into the distribution of cement and steel, partnering with industry leaders like Ultratech cement and TATA steel. Our ethical business practices and visionary approach have helped us cultivate strong relationships with major clients, including RMC manufacturers and renowned architects. Today, PSK is recognized for its leadership and forward-thinking strategies, continuously seeking innovative solutions to meet the demands of a dynamic market and drive future growth.
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Building Tomorrow

Elevating Construction

At PSK Group, we specialize in supplying top-quality building materials that form the foundation of your projects. From cement to steel and everything in between, our comprehensive selection ensures durability, reliability, and excellence in every build.

Fueling Growth

Empowering Ventures

Experience seamless expansion with PSK Group’s capital funding solutions. Our strategic approach and tailored financial assistance propel your projects forward, turning visions into realities. Trust us to be your partner in progress, every step of the way.

Delivering our clients more project clarity, greater insight, and less chaos.

Building Materials

From foundation to finish, our range of building materials ensures strength, durability, and reliability in every project. Trust PSK Group for superior quality materials that stand the test of time.

Capital Funding

Secure the financial backing you need to fuel your growth and innovation. PSK Group offers strategic capital funding solutions tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring smooth progress and sustainable success.

Innovative PSK
Info Software

Stay ahead of the curve with PSK Group's innovative software solutions. Our cutting-edge PSK Info Software streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and empowers your team to achieve more, faster.

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We offers substantial construction experience, competitive pricing, financial strength, integrity and a commitment to your project that is supported by a foundation of quality and workplace safety.

Civil Infrastructure

The geographical diversity, project complexity and public nature of civil work results in an exceptionally challenging industry that demands a high level of technical construction expertise.

Heavy Industrial

PSK’s industrial construction companies respond to the unique needs of clients in the petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, and power and renewable industries.


Providing exceptional services and insight from the start.


Building for the best.

To explore and go after new ways to build, we’ve gathered the people, innovations, and partnerships that can anticipate and overcome new challenges.
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Meet our Chairman

Dr Pulluri Srikanth

PSK Group’s Visionary Chairman

Srikanth Pulluri’s journey is a classic tale of grass-to-grace. Born into a family deeply rooted in the building materials trade, he didn’t just take the reins of his father’s business; he reinvented it. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the birth of PSK Group in 2007, transforming a local business into a powerhouse in Telangana’s vibrant construction scene.