Dr Pulluri Srikanth

Founder & Chairman

Established PSK Group in:


Years at PSK Group:

18 Years

Years in the Industry:

18 Years

He's not just building buildings; he's building the future.

The visionary steering PSK Group into uncharted territories. Beyond expanding the business footprint, he’s crafting an enduring legacy, redefining industry norms, and shaping a future that transcends the ordinary. In the hands of Dr Srikanth Pulluri, each project is a blueprint for tomorrow.

Shaping the future of Building Solutions!

From Humble Roots to Industry Trailblazer:

Dr Srikanth Pulluri’s journey is a classic tale of grass-to-grace. Born into a family deeply rooted in the building materials trade, he didn’t just take the reins of his father’s business; he reinvented it. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the birth of PSK Group in 2007, transforming a local business into a powerhouse in Telangana’s vibrant construction scene.

Crafting a Niche in a Competitive Market:

It’s not just his business acumen that sets Srikanth apart. His knack for anticipating market trends and adapting quickly has been pivotal. He didn’t just follow the industry standards; he set them. When Srikanth spearheaded the distribution of top-tier brands like MPL and Jindal steel,
he wasn’t just selling products; he was creating a legacy of quality and reliability.

Building More Than Just Structures:

What truly makes Srikanth a standout leader is his approach to partnerships. His collaborations with names like Aparna Constructions aren’t just business deals; they’re strategic alliances, fostering growth and innovation. His initiative to integrate digital solutions in 2022 through PSK
Building Solutions Pvt Ltd is more than a business move; it’s a leap into the future of construction.

A Leader with a Moral Compass:

In a world where the bottom line often trumps ethics, Srikanth remains steadfast in his principles. His leadership style is a blend of traditional values and modern business ethics, a rarity in today’s fast-paced corporate world. His commitment to ethical practices has not just earned him respect but has also laid a strong foundation for lasting business relationships.

Inspiration for the Aspiring:

Srikanth’s story goes beyond the boardrooms and balance sheets. It’s a narrative that resonates with every budding entrepreneur who dreams of making it big. His journey is a masterclass in how to build a successful enterprise while staying true to one’s values.